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Merging Invoices

Merging invoices is feature in Fthirty CRM that allows you to merge/include already created invoices into 1 invoice by passing all the invoice info to new invoice. This feature is used if your customer have other unpaid invoices but you need to create another invoice for the customer and you want to prevent your customer to …

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Recurring Invoice

Settings Navigate to Settings Menu -> Settings -> Cron Job Create new invoice from the main recurring invoice only if the main invoice is with status paid? If this field is set to No the recurring invoice is not with status paid the new invoice wont be created — Automatically send the renewed invoice to the …

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Create Invoice

To create new invoice go to Sales -> Invoices and click on the button Create new invoice Select Customer, when selecting a Client the customer informations will be fetched directly from the customer’s profile. Another option is that you can click on the edit icon and directly add the desired customer informations, this also is applied for the billing informations they are also fetched when selecting …

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